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Remember, when you were kids, how much you loved playing with your friends? You were soldiers of one country and they were of the other and you used to battle out with fake guns for supremacy.

Welcome to www.ToySoldierCostume.com ! Your cool toy soldier costume is waiting for you. Those little green army toy soldiers have been played with by youngsters for many years. They gained popularity again with the release of the hit movie Toy Story. We can also help you dress like the toy soldiers seen at Christmas time. You may be dressing up for a costume party, Halloween or for a part in a Christmas play. Regardless of why, we have just what you need to be a toy soldier just like the regimen of soldiers in Toy Story or the ones in the Nutcracker.

For an army green toy soldier costume, it is very important that you dress in your costume before you paint your face in a matching green shade of face paint. Once you have your costume on, you can apply a layer of face paint evenly to on your face and neck. If you have chosen a costume with short sleeves, you will need to paint your arms and hands as well. Army toy soldier costumes have army green fatigues made of a light weight material to provide comfort. You can accessorize the look with green army boots and even carry a toy machine gun or sword. A belt for holding fake ammunition is a great way to give your look authenticity. You can spray your hair with green hair paint spray and you may choose to wear a bibbed cap in army green as well.

For the Christmas toy soldier costume, you can choose white pants and a red coat. The red coat will have big gold buttons on it for the genuine soldier appeal. You will top the look off with a cylindrical hat on your head. There will be a strap that goes under the chin making it easier to wear the hat. Shiny black patent shoes will make the perfect final touch for your toy soldier look. To accessorize the toy soldier costume, choose badges showing rank to adorn the coat in choices of silver, gold or bronze. Your pristine toy soldier costume will make you the star of the party for sure.

You can bring back your childhood now. For the next costume party, get a dazzling toy soldier costume. Available in all sizes, it is one of the best selling costumes for every theme party and Halloween too.

Toy soldier costume comes in various pieces. It has a white pants and a red coat, which is completely closed from the front. These form the basic dress of the costume. The red coat has gold color buttons all over it to give it the authentic soldier look. Both of these are made of synthetic material with hint of cotton to give it more life and also keep it low maintenance.

You also get a cylindrical hat to wear over your head. It gives the look of an ancient soldier in UK. It is an important part of the toy soldier costume for men. It has a band that goes to your chin to wear and carry it easily. You also get shiny black shoes to get the perfect toy soldier look.

Do not forget a host of accessories that we have to offer you. The little-little things which complement the toy soldier costume are available with us. You get badges with different ranks to wear over your coat. These come in gold, silver and bronze color to give the authentic look. You can also get epaulettes to wear over your shoulders, badges, etc. Choose your accessories wisely to become a star at the party.

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Accessorizing Your Costume

Possibilities are endless when accessorizing your little toy soldier. Some choose the army green toy soldier while others may want the look of the toy soldier often used in decoration of the Christmas season. There are many different plastic weapons that can accompany the look of the green army toy soldier. This soldier might take along a toy machine gun or other plastic firearm. A large gun with a blade at the end like soldiers of the World Wars carried is a popular choice. Others may have toy grenade in hand ready to deploy at any time. Choose a “walky-talky” to keep your soldier in contact with his platoon. For the traditional look of the toy soldier, a tall top hat will complete the look as well as a toy rifle with shoulder strap for the “at attention” look.

Measuring for Your Toy Solider Costume

Measuring for your toy soldier costume is far from being ‘child’s play’! Taking proper measurements is important to getting the right fit, and thus, allowing you to keep up with the members of your infantry when you head out in formation. Be sure to measure your waist at the natural waistline, and then measure your hips and chest at their widest part. Next, measure the seam that runs down the inside of your pant leg from the crotch: this is the inseam. It is important to getting the right fit for your toy soldier’s pants. Note your height and weight and compare all of these measurements to the size chart for your costume to be sure that you are ordering the right size.

Now, how about stepping out in a Toy Soldier Costume this Halloween? The costumes vary across the world and you can find one that you think is fascinating enough. You could be the green toy soldier that children play with incessantly. Or you could model yourself on the character from Toy Story. For the army soldier, you can add on some body paint in green and black camouflage marks on your face and hands. Put on a bayonet, a mock machine gun, massive boots and a bandana, and you will be ready to storm any Halloween party with a bang this year.

Toy soldier costume for women!

Comes Halloween or any costume party, everyone wants to be dressed in their best costumes. Gone are the days when you had to stress over on how to make the costume and get the look you want.

You can get all varieties of toy soldier costumes now. All you have to do is make a choice.

The toy soldier costumes are available in all sizes for females, from young kids to sexy ladies. No matter what size you are, we will get you your toy costume dress here.

The basics of the toy soldier costume include a dress of knee length. It is made of cotton and polyester to make it comfortable to wear as well as durable and maintenance free. This dress is available in black, red, and white among the other colors. To top it off, you get a jacket or a shrug to complement you dress. This too comes n various colors and sizes and toy soldier costume cannot be complete without a jacket.

The toy soldier costume also comes with various hats that you can choose from. A soldier’s costume cannot avoid a hat ever. You can pick out the one you like. Boots are a major attraction for a toy soldier costume. Black or white boots with the soldier dress give you the absolute look.

You can also choose from many accessories to make your dress a hit at the costume party. You can get a mock-up rifle to go with your costume. You can get other accessories like brass medals, epaulettes, badges, etc to get the authentic look.

So what are you waiting for girls? Get a toy soldier costume today and look your sexy best at the next costume party. Log on to the site for more details.

A Toy Soldier costume would fit any child, man, or woman.  It would make a great Halloween costume for any one and with the many styles and designs to choose from, you are bound to find the best one.

A child would make a good toy soldier because their small stature will depict a good toy.  There are many creative designs and they can come as different types of soldiers and not just the standard kind of army soldier.  Children love going as soldiers because they usually see soldiers as heroes.

For the women, the manly type of soldier costumes are not the only choices you have.  Many stylists today have sexier costumes for a woman to wear.  A woman who can pull-off such a manly occupation will really catch a lot of attention. You can choose exotic types of soldier costumes and go all out with make-up and hairstyle.  Every man loves a woman in uniform because it exudes sexiness without even trying.

For men, there are even more choices.  Soldiers are usually a male occupation so you will have no problem looking for a costume for men. If men love a woman in uniform, you could say the same thing for women. Being a toy soldier will even give a cuter look to it.

Find one that is original in style to get the best out of it and your costume will definitely stand out in a party.  Some people eve go to the extreme measures to complete the look of a toy soldier. You can get really creative when it comes to toys and that is the best part about it.  You can really have a ton of fun with this type of costume and everyone else would enjoy it.  There is nothing better than coming up with an original idea especially if the idea is really good.

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